You may obtain a death certificate from the Lincoln County Probate Court for births/deaths in the State
of Georgia. An application form, picture ID and payment must be received prior to issuance of
certificate. If not applying in person you may request an application form be mailed to you to complete.
You will also need to include a self addressed-stamped envelope for return mail. We will also need
your relationship to the deceased. Information needed on application will include decedent's name,
date of birth/death, place of birth/death, spouse's name, if any and parents names.
Fees for certificates are: $25.00 for first certified copy and $5.00 for each additional copy. If just a plain
copy is requested, it is $.50 per page.
Questions or Requests to: Lincoln County Probate Office - PO Box 205 - Lincolnton, GA 30817
phone number= 706-359-5528