Cooper Cliatt
District 3 Commissioner
Cooper Cliatt was elected to the Board of Commissioners in 2008 to represent District 3. Although born in Appling, GA, Cooper felt the pull of family ties and moved to Lincoln County in 1992. 

Commissioner Cliatt is an entrepreneur and a small business owner. He founded Augusta Telephone in 1983 after a 13 year career with AT&T and developed Cliatt Crossing shortly after moving to Lincoln County.  He has served as an Executive Member of the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Augusta Better Business Bureau, and Chairman of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. Cooper also founded and served as the Chairman of the Augusta Technical College Alumni Association.

Commissioner Cliatt is married to Jackie C. Cliatt and has four children and ten grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys horses, farming and operating heavy equipment.

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