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The Finance Department of Lincoln County Government conducts financial operations of Lincoln County,  Georgia in accordance with applicable laws and standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Finance Department is responsible for collecting, monitoring,  analyzing, and presenting all financial data. The Finance Department  processes all pay requests and cash receipts. Purchasing is also  monitored through the Finance Department.

It  is the goal of the Finance Department to assist the Board of Commissioners, the departments of Lincoln County Government, as well as the citizens of Lincoln County. This webpage will be updated  periodically with information concerning Annual Budget, Tax Levying, and Audit. If you are unable to locate the information please feel free to contact my office and we will be glad to assist you.

Thank You,
                   Director Penny B. Arnett

Local Government Financial Portal

The Local Government Financial Portal provides access to local government revenue and expenditure data; budget documents; asset forfeiture reports from local law enforcement agencies; audited financial statements; and data from a variety of state agencies. These resources provide financial data and information to the public as part of the Georgia General Assembly’s effort to make government more transparent. The data also are used by public officials and researchers to improve governance, ensure accountability, and guide public policy decisions.
Financial Portal
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