Volunteer Services (Fire/Rescue)

Fire protection in Lincoln County is provided by four (4) volunteer fire departments. All departments and firefighters are represented by the Fire Services Advisory Board. The fire chief of each department is appointed to the board by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. Each department also apoints one represenative to the board.

There are four volunteer departments serving Lincoln County.

Midway                                     706 - 359 - 4886
Loco                                           706 - 359 - 7715
Martins Crossroads                 706 - 359 - 7558


The Lincoln County Office of Emergency Services augments the other agencies by operating Engine 1 which responds to all fires in all districts.

Lincoln County Fire Services Advisory Board

Beulah VFD: William Johnson, Chief
                         Jimmy Harper, Board Member

Martin’s Crossroads VFD: Bob Oneill, Chief
                                                         Wally Chadwick, Board Member

Loco VFD:  Alex Garcia, Chief
                     Scott Dekreon, Board Member

Midway VFD:  Bobby Burgess, Chief
                           Brian Henderson, Board Member